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potatogradingRinglink Labour Divison provides a highly reactive solution to employment requirements throughout Scotland.

Labour is coordinated from all four Ringlink branches and covers a wide range of employment activities; the provision of labour is designed to be flexible, allowing for the variable peaks and troughs commonly experienced in today’s fast moving industry.
Ringlink specialises in agriculture, construction, haulage, forestry and associated industry.
What are the benefits?
  • Fast Responsive Service
  • Knowledgeable & Professional
  • 24 Hour Response
  • Gangmaster Licensing Authority Complaint
  • Short and Long Term provision available.
Our key personnel provision comes under the following banners:

Agricultural Drivers
Available for the full range of agricultural operations including cultivation, sowing, spraying and harvest.

Forklift Operators
Available to satisfy a wide range of industry sectors including agriculture, construction, processing and manufacturing. Ringlink adopts a policy of training and certification to meet the standards as laid down by the HSE.

Plant Operators
A range of operators are available catering for a variety of plant related operations including excavators, dumpers and loading shovels.

HGV drivers
The full complement of HGV drivers are available for both short and long term contracts. All drivers’ licences are checked to confirm authenticity and legality.

Potato Grading & Roguing Teams
Grading and roguing teams are available throughout the year to cover your entire requirement or to compliment your existing staff.

Administration, Secretarial & Book Keeping
All administration requirements can be catered for on a full or part time basis either at your own premises or home based.

Livestock  & Specialist Services
Relief milking, lambing and foot trimming are amongst the specialist services that can be provided.

General labour
General operatives are available for a wide range of activities throughout all sectors of industry.

Employment Status
When engaging staff, a worker’s employment status, that is whether they are employed or self-employed is not a matter of choice.
  • Whether someone is employed or self-employed depends upon the terms and conditions and the of type work of the relevant engagement.
  • It is the Demander’s responsibility to correctly determine the employment status of the worker.
  • Be aware that the HMRC can recover tax twice where a demander has mistakenly been paying a worker as a self-employed person when they should have been operating PAYE.

Does your business undertake work which is covered by the licensing scheme? The Gangmaster Licencing Authority is the regulatory body for the supply of labour to the Agricultural, Forestry and Sea Food industries, whose main duty is to ensure fair working conditions, wages and reduce exploitation of the workers.
The GLA duties are to ensure that licensing standards are complied with, and those who use labour providers are aware that they can only use agencies that are licensed.
Spot checks are carried out on farms and in processing sheds.
Operating out with the GLA regulations can lead to a potential custodial sentence as well as attracting a large fine.

Labour User
The following is a list of the minimum you should do if you are involved in Agriculture:
  • Check the GLA register to see if your labour provider is licensed on
  • Co-operate with the labour provider to help ensure that they comply with the conditions of the GLA Ensure that you provide a safe working environment
  • Ensure all workers have adequate and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Ensure that adequate arrangements have been made to provide welfare facilities (toilets, washing facilities and drinking water), both on site and in the fields
  • Provide facilities for changing clothes, for rest and consuming food and drink, where it is reasonably practicable to do so
  • Ensure adequate arrangements have been made for first aid kits to be on site and on mobile machines and the recording and reporting of reportable incidents at work
  • Failure to comply can lead to fines up to £5,000, imprisonment or both.

Labour Supplier
What should you do?
  • Register with the GLA and obtain a licence, failure to do so is an offence and you can be fined up to £10,000, imprisonment or both
  • Ensure that you abide by the licensing conditions at all times.
  • Ensure that safe working practices are in operation on all the sites where you supply workers
  • Ensure all workers have adequate and appropriate PPE
  • Co-operate with the labour user to help ensure that they comply with the conditions that are set out by the GLA
  • Remember it is your licence as a supplier that is at risk for failure to comply
For further guidance on assessing your employment status click on the links below:
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